Temperature Inversion in Luddesdown – Thu 16/Apr/20

On Thursday 16th April 2020, I recorded an overnight low of 2.8c at my station in the centre of Meopham. As the conditions were cold and clear with a bit of mist, I decided to take my daily exercise walk down to Luddesdown. I was not disappointed.

Upon reaching Henley Street, the mist was much thicker than in Meopham and was rolling in off the fields

Further down into Luddesdown there was a temperature inversion, with the cold air sinking to the bottom of the valley, creating a beautiful low lying mist.

The start of the video was shot at the recreation ground in Henley Street, Luddesdown and then at the bottom of hollow, down by the Golden Lion Pub.

The overnight Minimum temperature in Luddesdown was -1.0c and 2.7c at the time of filming.

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