Luddesdown Weather Station

I am delighted announce that a weather station is now live in Luddesdown Monday 3rd August 2020.

Luddesdown Weather Station

Luddesdown Weather Station

A huge thank you to the Vineyard in Luddesdown (MDCV) for allowing me to host a weather station there.

The weather station is a Ventus W830 which is the same as I have at my home station in Meopham and also in Hodsoll Street.

Set at the bottom of a valley, Luddesdown is a notorious frost hollow and furthermore, under the right conditions (clear skies and high pressure with cold air from the north), temperatures can be around five degrees colder at night, compared to surrounding areas.

On Sunday 5th April 2020, Luddesdown was the coldest PWS (private weather station ) in the UK with an overnight minimum temperature of -1.3c

In fact, only the met station at Santon Downham in Suffolk was colder at -1.5c You read the full report here

Prior to the 3rd August 2020, temperatures in Luddesdown were attained by using a data logger near to the vineyard. Unfortunately, the readings were not available online.

You can view live and historical readings from the weather station here

Frosty Morning Drive through Luddesdown -5.9c 31/Jan/19

Please visit our website for more local and UK wide weather stations 9both Met Office and Amateur PWS).

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