Lowest Temperature Recorded in Kent, Elmstone -21.3c 1947

Visit to Elmstone where the lowest ever temperature was recorded in Kent, -21.3c on 30th January 1947. There were two met office sites in Elmstone. The first which was open from 1938 to 1972 and this is where the record breaking temperatures was recorded. Elmstone No.2 was open from open from 1972 to 1994 and although no records were broken here, the site recorded some very low summer minimum temperatures. This is a brief drive through both locations .

At Elmstone No.2 some very cold overnight minimum temperatures were recorded:

15/Jun/73 1.7c

01/Jun/74 1.0c

01/Jun/.75 -0.4c

04/Jun/76 0.1c

03/Jun/89 0.0c

02/Jun/91 1.9c

05/Jun/91 1.9c

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