How to Monitor Air Temperature in a Frost Hollow, with no WIFI ?

Remote 4G Temperature sensor Review

If you are looking for a temperature sensor that can operate on battery power, Send data via 4G sim card and is Is waterproof, I would thoroughly recommend the the UbiBot GS1-AL4G1RS temperature sensor.

If you are looking to monitor air temperature in a location where WI-FI and mains power is not possible, then this sensor is ideal.

But first, you need to make sure that the location you intend to place this sensor, does have a 4G mobile phone signal. I would recommend taking a phone to the location and testing it for yourself.

The sensor monitors

Air Temperature



It is important to place the sensor out of direct sunlight, in a shaded area but with sufficient air flow.

Battery Life

Also, it is worth noting that you will have to charge the built batteries approximately once a month. It does means bringing the device and to re-charge which takes no more than two hours for a full charge.

Uploading your readings to Wunderground

If you are a weather enthusiast, it is possible to upload data to the Wunderground network via the Ubibot API,  if not I can put you in touch with a local programmer who provided this service for me.

If you want to upload you readings to Wunderground, then you will need to set your sync to every 10 minutes and you can set your log time from every minute to every 5 minutes.

At the time of writing (30/Jun/20) Wunderground will remove any station, if there has been no upload of data for 10 minnutes, as soon as it receives an update, your data will appear and and your station will be on their map.

So if you set your sync time to every ten minutes, then your data will be permanently on Wunderground.

Below is the link for my station at Happy valley in Meopham.

If you are not bothered about having your data on Wuinderground then you can choose whatever sync time you wish. Ubibot have an excellent console to view readings, minimum and maximum temperatures and various stats in different formats. 

Purchase and Set Up

Once you have purchased UbiBot GS1-AL4G1RS temperature sensor. Set up is easy, following instructions on the app

However, one thing you need to know is the APN number (Access point Name) for you sim card. This has to be entered in the Ubibot app set up. You can get the APN through mobile phone providers app or give them a call.

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