Beast From the East in Meopham – January 1987

It started snowing heavily on Sunday 11th January 1987, non stop until the evening of Wednesday 14th. On Monday 15th the snow was already 6 inches deep with drifting in places. There were no trains or buses but the roads were still drivable. The snow continued overnight and by Tuesday morning everything was at a stand still with no cards on the roads, including the Wrotham Road, the main road through Meopham linking Gravesend and Tonbridge. By now things were getting desperate. The snow was generally waist high with drifts of 10 feet in places. Cars were dissapearing fast under the snow. However, the Spar was still open with people queuing outside for provisions. The only way to get there was on foot, assuming you could still get out of your house or on horse back.

Sadly I was not recording temperatures at the time but generally temperatures were -6c by day and fell overnight down to -15c

Here are the readings from East Malling Met Office site

Sun 11/Jan/87-7.7-3.8
Mon 12/Jan/87-12.2-6.0
Tue 13/Jan/87-7.5-5.2
Wed 14/Jan/87-5.4-1.2
Thu 15/Jan/87-2.40.4
Fri 16/Jan/17-1.10.7

On Wednesday evening snow ploughs were sent out to Meopham to clear the roads which you will see on the video. It had now stopped snowing for the first time since Sunday evening. Thursday there were the odd snow showers but things were now stabalising .

The thaw started on Friday 16th January 1987 and cars appeared on the main roads and people were out and about on foot. Things were now starting to turn normal

An event I dont think I will ever see again in my lifetime.

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