At one point, Meopham was one of the coldest spots in the UK – Wednesday 20th November 2019

During the evening of Wednesday 20th November 2019, my amateur station in Meopham, Kent was registering one of the coldest temperatures in the UK. Only Helmsley and Cawton in North Yorkshire were colder.

Throughout the evening, there were rapid temperature drops in Meopham and then as patchy cloud came in the temperature would rise fractionally.

Things started getting interesting around 9pm and below is a log of temperature readings:

9:04 PM1.6 C
9:09 PM1.6 C
9:14 PM1.4 C
9:19 PM1.4 C
9:24 PM1.3 C
9:29 PM1.1 C
9:34 PM0.9 C
9:39 PM0.6 C
9:44 PM0.4 C
9:49 PM0.2 C
9:54 PM0.2 C
9:59 PM0.2 C
10:04 PM0.2 C
10:09 PM0.2 C
10:14 PM0.3 C
10:19 PM0.1 C
10:24 PM-0.1 C
10:29 PM0.1 C
10:34 PM0.1 C
10:39 PM0.1 C
10:44 PM-0.1 C
10:49 PM-0.2 C
10:54 PM-0.1 C
10:59 PM-0.2 C
11:04 PM-0.3 C
11:09 PM-0.4 C
11:14 PM-0.1 C
11:19 PM0.1 C
11:24 PM0.4 C
11:29 PM0.7 C
11:34 PM0.8 C
11:39 PM0.8 C
11:44 PM0.8 C
11:49 PM0.9 C
11:54 PM0.9 C
11:59 PM1.0 C

Above is the live temperature map from Wunderground taken at 22.46pm. My station was the coldest in the region and third coldest in the UK.

At 11.14pm the temperature in Meopham began to rise slowly throughout the night.

Here are the overnight minimum temperatures for some of the stations in our area:

Overnight Minimum Temperatures
Higham 0.2c,
Meopham 1.0c
Fairseat 1.4c
Cuxton 1.5c
Hodsoll Street 1.7c
Shorne 1.7c
Wrotham 1.8c
Meopham Shipley Hills 2.0c
Borough Green 2.4c
New Ash Green 2.6c
Otford 2.6c

It is rare that Meopham is colder than Cuxton or Otford overnight, which are usually the coldest spots in our area.

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