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Weather Stations, Davis Instruments, Oregon Scientific and Ventus.

Frosted Earth publishes Weather eye magazine edited by Ian Currie. If you have ever marvelled at a spectacular sunset Weather eye is for you.  If you have set up a thermometer or rain gauge in the garden or regularly tune into a TV or radio weather forecast then Weather eye will keep you absorbed in an enthralling subject- our Weather

Frosted Earth

iAnt Veal's Great Weather - Hundreds of Links to other websites

Braemar and Ballater Weather - Live temperatures, data and videos

British Isles Weather Diary - Daily Weather reports for UK 1999 to Date 

British Weather by Trevor Harley - Amazingly Comprehensive

Climatological Observers Link

Climatology of the British Isles/Republic of Ireland - Sryan Bruen

County Durham Roadside weather stations

Cumbria Weather Forum

Cumbria Road Side weather stations + Camera

Gav's Weather Videos 

Gloucestershire Weather

Highland and Islands Weather - Facebook

Highland  and Islands Weather - Twitter

Isle of Wight Private Weather Stations

Journal of Meteorology - Weather Reports from 1975 to Date

KNMI Climate Explorer - Historical worldwide weather data

Metjam - Based in Herne Bay Forecasts and historocal weather & Stats

Met Office - Official website

Met office - Daily Weather summaries 1860 to 2003 

Met Office - Daily Weather Summaries 2003 to Date

Met Office - Historical Weather Events

Met Office - Monthly weather reports 1884 to 1993

Midas Met office closed and current weather stations inc. manual reporting

Redhill Aerodrome Weather - Twitter 

Santon Downham Weather History

Scottish Borders Weather - Twitter

Shetland Roadside Weather Stations

Starlings Roost Weather - Based in Devon providing comprehensive weather data

Strathspey Weather - Full of stats and records

The Weatheroutlook - Comprehensive weather forecasts and charts

Traffic Scotland Roadside weather stations

UK Weatherworld - Comprehensive weather website with great forums

Weathercast - Comprehensive weather website

Weather Online - Comprehensive weather website

Weather Underground - Live temps, Historic Data

Windy Wilson - Facebook - Weather for Scotland

Windy Wilson - Twitter - Weather for Scotland

Windy Wilson - Periscope - Live Weather Forecasts for Scotland



AWEKAS List of UK stations 

Braemar Weather

Grasscheck England, Wales & Scotland Weather stations

Grasscheck Northern Ireland Weather stations

Met Office Warmest & Coldest Place Yesterday

Live Top 20 Minimum Temperatures - Netweather TV

Live Top 20 Maximum Temperatures - Netweather TV

Live Temperatures at UK Airports and Cities

Ogimet - Met Office overnight minimum temperatures

Overnight Minimum Temperatures 200 Met Office stations

Current temperatures 200 Met office stations

Live Temperatures - UK Weatherworld

Live Top 40 Minimum Temperatures - (Amateur)

Starlings Roost - Met Office Minimum Temperatures back to 1853

Starlings Roost - Met Office Maximum Temperatures back to 1853



Ecowitt - Amateur weather stations

Highland Weather - UK Amateur weather stations

Holfuy - Live weather stations

My Local Weather - UK Local Amateur Weather Stations

Netamo Live UK Temperature map

Netweather TV Live Temperatures Met Office Stations

UK Snow Map - Live snow reports from all over UK

Weathercloud Live UK Temperatures - Private weather Stations

Weatherlink Private Weather stations - UK Map

Weatherobs - Features all Met Office stations including 09 stations

Wunderground live temperatures - Private Weather Stations



Met Office (WOW)

BBC Weather Watchers - Weather Reports from Amateur stations



Weather Spares - Online retailer of weather products
















Setting up a weather station and understanding the weather by Roger Brugge

This fascinating book provides a complete guide to observing, recording and understanding the weather and to setting up an amateur weather station. As the author explains, the advent of relatively modern electronic weather sensors means that weather observing is now within the reach of almost everybody. Moreover, thanks to computer software and the internet, it is easier than ever before to record and share with others your weather data and observations. Paperback 192 pages 132 colour illustrations and 20 graph

To Order - Click Here