2020 extreme overnight minimum Temperatures


Overnight minimums which recorded -10.0c or below, at the weather stations we monitor (both Amateur and Met Office) 

2020 Extreme Overniught Minimum Temperatures 
Friday 10th January 2020 
Soulseat - Aberdeenshire (PWS)-10.0
Thursday 13th February 2020 
Braemar (Aberdeenshire) MET OFFICE-10.2
Inverey (Aberdeenshire)-9.9
Spittal of Glenshee (Perthshire)-9.7
Braemar (Aberdeenshire) PWS-8.6
Auchnarrow (Moray)-8.6
Kinbrace (Sutherland)-8.5
Candacraig (Aberdeenshire)-8.3
Tomintoul (Moray)-7.8
Carrbridge No2 (Inverness-shire)-7.7
Duncanstone (Aberdeenshire)-7.3
Friday 6th March 2020 
Kinbrace (Sutherland)-8.0
Altnaharra (Sutherland) MET OFFICE-7.3
Carrbridge No2 (Inverness-shire)-6.9
Cromdale (Moray)-6.7
Duthil (Inverness-shire)-6.7
Corgarff (Aberdeenshire)-6.5
Nethy Bridge (Inverness-shire)-6.5
Inchbae Lodge (Ross-shire)-6.4
Candacraig (Aberdeenshire)-6.2
Easter Gallovie (Inverness-shire)-6.2
Keld (North Yorkshire)-6.1
Braemar (Aberdeenshire)-6.0
Altnaharra (Sutherland) PWS-6.0
Inverey (Aberdeenshire)-6.0
Duncanstone (Aberdeenshire)-5.9
Rogart (Sutherland)-5.8
Feshiebridge (Inverness-shire)-5.8
Tomintoul (Moray)-5.7
Glenmore (Inverness-shire)-5.7
Chop Gate (North Yorkshire)-5.6
Tomich (Inverness-shire)-5.6
Skelton (North Yorkshire)-5.6
Syre (Sutherland)-5.5
Insh (Inverness-shire)-5.5
Advie (Moray)-5.5
Alford (Aberdeenshire)-5.4
Thixendale (North Yorkshire)-5.3
Soulseat (Aberdeenshire)-5.3
Bakewell (Derbyshire)-5.3
Boat of Garten (Inverness-shire)-5.2
Rhydtalog (Flintshire)-5.2
Stoke on Trent (Staffordshire)-5.2
Tummel Bridge (Perthshire)-5.1
Calvine (Perthshire)-5.1
Rannoch Station (Perthshire)-5.0
Goathland (North Yorkshire)-5.0
Corrimony (Inverness-shire)-5.0
Friday 20th March 2020 
Candacraig (Aberdeenshire)-8.4
Inverey (Aberdeenshire)-8.2
Braemar (Aberdeenshire) PWS-8
Braemar (Aberdeenshire) MET OFFICE-7.5
Carrbridge No2 (Inverness-shire)-7.4
Kinbrace (Sutherland)-7.3
Feshiebridge (Inverness-shire)-7.2
Soulseat (Aberdeenshire)-7.1
Calvine (Perthshire)-7.1
Nethy Bridge (Inverness-shire)-7.1
Coull Mill (Aberdeenshire)-7.1
Tomintoul (Moray)-7.1
Insh (Inverness-shire)-7
Duncanstone (Aberdeenshire)-6.9
Easter Gallovie (Inverness-shire)-6.9
Coull (Aberdeenshire)-6.9
Drumochter (Inverness-shire)-6.9
Alford (Aberdeenshire)-6.8
Cromdale (Moray)-6.7
Duthil (Inverness-shire)-6.7
Dinnet (Aberdeenshire)-6.6
Glenmore (Inverness-shire)-6.5
Tummel Bridge (Perthshire)-6.2
Rannoch Station (Perthshire)-6.2
Carrbridge (Inverness-shire)-6.1
Roberton (South Lanarkshire)-5.9
Dunecht (Aberdeenshire)-5.8
Inchbae Lodge (Ross-shire)-5.8
Advie (Moray)-5.8
Spittal of Glenshee (Perthshire)-5.8
Boat of Garten (Inverness-shire)-5.7
Tomich (Inverness-shire)-5.6
Fersit (Inverness-shire)-5.6
Ballater (Aberdeenshire)-5.4
Syre (Sutherland)-5.3
Rogart (Sutherland)-5.1
Dalchreichart (Inverness-shire)-5
Corrimony (Inverness-shire)-5
Tuesday 14th April 2020 
Keld (North Yorkshire)-7.5
Muker (North Yorkshire)-6.5
Corgarff (Aberdeenshire)-6.3
Tarset (Northumberland)-6.3
Candacraig (Aberdeenshire)-6.1
Skelton (North Yorkshire)-6.1
Soulseat (Aberdeenshire)-5.6
Alford (Aberdeenshire)-5.6
Spittal of Glenshee (Perthshire)-5.6
Greenlaw (Scottish Borders)-5.5
Duncanstone (Aberdeenshire)-5.5
Horton in Ribblesdale (North Yorkshire)-5.4
Coull Mill (Aberdeenshire)-5.3
Kettlewell (North Yorkshire)-5.3
South Plain (Northumberland)-5.1
Woodbridge (Northumberland)-5.1
Coull (Aberdeenshire)-5.1
West Woodburn (Northumberland)-5.1
Inverey (Aberdeenshire)-4.9
Easter Gallovie (Inverness-shire)-4.8
Dinnet (Aberdeenshire)-4.7
Kinbrace (Sutherland)-4.7
Carrbridge No2 (Inverness-shire)-4.6
Bewerley (North Yorkshire)-4.6
Calvine (Perthshire)-4.6
Braemar (Aberdeenshire)-4.5
Ballater (Aberdeenshire)-4.4
Cromdale (Moray)-4.4
St Harmon (Powys)-4.4
Duthil (Inverness-shire)-4.4
Dolau (Powys)-4.4
Llanybydder (Carmarthenshire)-4.4
Inchbae Lodge (Ross-shire)-4.3
Glendevon (Perthshire)-4.3
Nethy Bridge (Inverness-shire)-4.3
Tomintoul (Moray)-4.3
Tomachlaggan (Moray)-4.2
Broad Chalke (Wiltshire)-4.2
Amesbury (Wiltshire)-4.1
Broughton (South Lanarkshire)-4.1
Goathland (North Yorkshire)-4
Sunday 3rd May 2020 
Kinbrace (Sutherland) -6.6
Altnaharra (Sutherland)-4
Wednesday 6th May 2020 
Kinbrace (Sutherland) PWS-5.2
Keld (North Yorkshire) PWS-5
Grisdale (North Yorkshire) PWS-4.4
Fenwick (Tyne & Wear) PWS-4.2
Mobday 11th May 2020 
Broughton (South Lanarkshire)-5.3
Muirkirk (East Ayrshire)-5.1
Tuesday 12th May 2020 
St Harmon (Powys) MET OFFICE-5.7
St Harmon (Powys)-5.2
Dolau (Powys)-5.1
Wednesday 13th May 2020 
Drumochter (Inverness-shire)-5.7
Thursday 14th May 2020 
Keld (North Yorkshire)-7.0
Grisdale (North Yorkshire)-6.2
Wednesday 30th December 2020 
Morningside (North Lanarkshire)-11.5
Cleghorn (South Lanarkshire)-10.8
Thankerton (Lanarkshire)-10.6
Dalwhinnie (Inverness-shire MET OFFICE-10.2
Roberton (South Lanarkshire)-10.0
Covington (Lanarkshire)-10.0
Rannoch Station (Perthshire)-9.5
Carnwath (South Lanarkshire)-9.1
Carrbridge No2 (Inverness-shire)-9.0
Biggar (Lanarkshire)-9.0
Drumochter (Inverness-shire)-9.0
Fersit (Inverness-shire)-8.9
Muirkirk (East Ayrshire)-8.8
Biggar Hartree House (Lanarkshire)-8.6
Loch Glascarnoch (Ross-shire) MET OFFICE-8.0
Tulloch Bridge (Inverness-shire) MET OFFICE-8.0
Eddleston (Scottish Borders)-8.0
Feshiebridge (Inverness-shire)-7.9
Tomatin (Inverness-shire)-7.9
Glenmore (Inverness-shire)-7.8
Insharn (Inverness-shire)-7.5
Kinbuck (Perthshire)-7.3
Broughton (South Lanarkshire)-7.3
Carrbridge (Inverness-shire)-7.3
Inchbae Lodge (Ross-shire)-7.3
Tyndrum (stirlingshire) MET OFFICE-7.1
Stewarton (Ayrshire)-7.0